OSS Consulting

The Open Source Software Foundation’s Professional Open Source Management Consulting Team, with years of industry experience, enables organizations to use, develop, contribute, and commercialize open source software.

  • Open Source Strategy Consulting Services Strategies to help achieve business and technology goals

    Our consulting practices can help you design custom strategies for open source technologies and methods to achieve your business and technology goals. Our consulting team has collaborated with a number of organizations that provide a comprehensive strategy for industry-leading technology vendors and enterprise IT organizations.
  • Open Source Management Consulting Service Professional open source management and administration

    Maximize open source efficiency.
    The goal of open source management is to realize the greatest benefits of open source software while reliably managing legal and operational risks. Our consultants are planning to support organizations that need open source management and help organizations develop and implement effective open source software management programs to help businesses achieve their goals. Our team has the qualifications to effectively address operational, technical, and legal issues.