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Benefits of Open Source Software Foundation Membership

With the Open Source Software Foundation’s sponsored corporate members as our target, we provide shared technology resources and acceleration of your company’s own technology with innovation through open source leadership and member participation. We provide events, trainings and certification, best open source practices, and marketing and promotions that which business members need to build, expand, and maintainn in communities of open source projects and for business activations. Depending on the Open Source Software Foundation’s membership level (separately regulated), benefits of corporate members include the following:

  • Industry Leadership

    Management and operational support for new open source projects

    Collaboration with the Foundation officers to discuss open source strategy

    Invitation to seminars focused on technology, compliance, and business topics

    Promotion of member news through the Foundation’s SNS site for open source professionals

  • Legal Leadership

    Invitation to discuss and support open source legal strategy at the annual Open Compliance Conference

    Legal Counseling Conference and Legal Counseling Support

    Potential seat on the Board of Directors

  • Technical Leadership

    Creation of a new technology working group to help solve open source issues in a neutral environment

    Direct consultation with relevant project leaders

    Provision of opportunities for technical leadership roles in the Foundation

  • Community Leadership

    Invitation of presenters to invitation-based membership events

    Participation in Mentor Support Programs: Invitation to cooperate with many open source developers to address technical and open source issues

    Support the recruitment of members and seminars for new projects

  • Additional benefits

    Introduction of new technology to corporate members

    Informal seminars on open source business, legal and technical issues

    Discount on corporate site technical training

Benefits depending on the sponsor membership levels are available upon request. For more information, please contact us using the questions below. If you want to participate in a project, please visit the Foundation Project. The Open Source Software Foundation is joined by many IT-related companies. If you are an Open Source Software Foundation sponsored member (legal entity) and want to contact us for specific membership benefits based on the various levels offered, please fill out the form below. We will contact you.