• As a non-profit, public interest foundation, the OSSF will

    (1) Contribute to the development of open source software.

    (2) Develop comprehensive and practical activities for the activation of OSS-related industries.

    (3) Provide consistent and systematic legal risk management measures.

  • Through cooperation with domestic and international OSS-related organizations, the OSSF will

    (1) Represent organizations, companies, and communities related to the Foundation

    (2) Support the global activities of excellent domestic SW talents

    (3) Become the hub of OSS in Asia and create an Asian brand for OSS.


  • For Asian Countries

    Improve national quality by securing leadership of open source SW in Asian countries

  • For communities

    Procurement of global IT technology through the activation of open source projects and communities in Asia

  • For growing and protecting companies

    Procurement of global competitiveness and support of license response through open source

  • For the growth of SW Developer

    Training of SW developer and support of global activities through open source -> in order to participate and lead in the use of open source